Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An advertisement

This recently appeared on the side of my facebook:

Info on Your Husband.
Find anyone in the USA. Search billions of records in seconds.
Try it for free. Get info on real age, address, relatives.

Is that not the weirdest advertisement ever? I sure hope that I know my husband's real age, address, and at least some of his relatives. I would especially hope I knew them BEFORE I got married. Crazy. I can't believe they thought that would be an effective headline.

Although, if any of you people are wondering if you've been lied to all these years (or months, as the case may be), I found your website.

1 comment:

gina said...

Be glad this ad sounds strange. That means you have a happy marriage.

The sad thing is that there are going to be many who actually need help like this. (Yet what do you do when he's just acting like he's from another planet for awhile... Mars I think it is- Is there a # for the mothership?) I'm Just kidding. I love my guy - and we all have a few planetary ways - I can be quite a Venetian goddess myself which can't be easy. But honesty on the most basic facts - that would be quite the deal-breaker wouldn't it??