Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Africa Pictures

Here are some of our pictures from our trip. Locations include the Cape Coast, the rainforest, and Tamale. We have many more pictures, obviously, but here is a start.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting back to "normal"

Things that are new with us since our last post:

Peter has a job working in Salt Lake for the Venture Capital firm he worked for as an intern during college. We're really grateful that things worked out there, and that he has a job that he loves. He started on September 1.

I am still looking for a job, and have applied to a few. Nothing promising yet.

We are also looking to buy a house, and looking for houses is a lot more fun than looking for jobs (guess which one occupies more of my time). We'd like to be somewhere up by Salt Lake so Peter doesn't have so far to commute.

I went back to our ward here for the first time today. A lot of people are the same, and there are also a lot of new people. Apparently when you don't go to church for 4 months, they take you off the roll and move your records into no man's land. I was surprised by that, because our bishop was the one who gave us permission to do the sacrament and we were supposed to email him every week about it, as if we were still part of the ward. Oh well. Also, they called Peter to be an elder's quorum teacher, replacing our friend Ian who just moved out of the ward (and yes, they did tell him he was replacing someone who "moved without any warning").

So that's our life right now. Things are getting into a routine, but we don't quite feel at home since we are planning on moving soon.

Sometime soon I will try to get the Africa pictures up so you can all look at them.