Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nine Mile Canyon

Before we get to nine mile canyon... here is a picture from my birthday. We went to look at the tulips on temple square, which were gorgeous, and then we went out to dinner. I had no idea that temple square had such beautiful flowers, but if you happen to be in Salt Lake in the springtime you should definitely go and check them out!

View from our campsite

This past weekend, Peter and I went camping with my friend Juli and her husband Jordan. We camped at Huntington Lake. It was beautiful. Not very crowded, although the campsites weren't as secluded as any of us had expected them to be. We were awakened Saturday morning by the kids in the campsite next to us screaming about fish. I guess they were fishing on the lake, and were really excited about it. :)

We spent most of Saturday in Nine Mile Canyon. It's just outside of Price, Utah, and the rock art is incredible. The road through the canyon was pretty horrible- it's a dirt road, but truckers use it for some reason. And it had been raining a lot during the past week, so there were some giant mud puddles that were a little scary to drive through. But the hiking was fun. A lot of Nine Mile Canyon is ranch land, and Callie had fun barking at all the cows as we drove by them. She even scared away 2 very large bulls that had decided to take a nap right in front of one of the rock art panels we wanted to look at. It was a really fun weekend, and we're excited to do more camping throughout the summer!