Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long overdue...

Hello world. It has been an awfully long time since my last post. Sorry. But since I am stuck home today with the flu, I thought it might be a good time to update you on what has been going on since my last post 3 months ago:

1. I started graduate school the end of August. Sometimes, I really like it and sometimes I wonder why I thought it was a good idea. It is so busy, and often overwhelming. But I also have lots of little miracles to help me get everything done. So overall, grad school is a good thing.

2. Two weeks ago, I got to go along as a driver on the undergrad archaeology field trip class. We went down to Mesa Verde in Colorado and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, as well as a bunch of other sites that nobody who reads this will have heard of. (You may not have heard of the others either, but they are national parks so you should look them up and go when you have the chance). It was so much fun. It was a little cold to be camping in my opinion, but it was awesome to visit all those places I'd never been to before.

3. General conference weekend, I went to an Indian party with my friend Natasha. We got dressed up in saris, and ate delicious Indian food, and it was awesome. Enjoy the photos.

4. Also general conference weekend, my uncle and soon-to-be aunt came and visited us from Colorado. It was fun to hang out with them, and it was also fun to go to conference with them. They got us all tickets to sit on the ground floor, which I hadn't done before. It was fun to be close enough to see the speakers without the screens if we wanted to.

5. Peter went to San Francisco twice in 2 weeks for 2 different conferences. He had a great time, but I'm glad his travels are over for a little while.

6. Last week the kids in Utah had their fall break from school. The first morning of break, one of my primary kids came over to my house with a friend of hers to say hi to me and to see if she could play with Callie. Because what better way to spend your fall break than with your primary teacher? I thought it was really sweet of her to think of me. They played with Callie (and the other 2 dogs I happened to be babysitting) for a few minutes and we talked about Nancy Drew. I love my primary class. :)

7. Last weekend Peter took his grandma Moss on a drive in his convertible to see the fall leaves in the mountains. Fall leaves are her favorite things in the world, and they listened to Frank Sinatra (her favorite music) while they drove. Isn't Peter thoughtful? I'm pretty sure it made her week. :)

Hm... I'm sure lots of other things have happened that I would have posted about if I had been posting regularly. But now you know some of the things we've been up to.