Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm a little behind on my posting...

Because Peter has all the pictures on his camera, and his camera and his computer are never around at the times when I want to blog! And I think our blog is super boring, because we have no pictures... oh well. Maybe tonight I will remember to remind him to get the pictures.

Important things that have happened in the past few weeks:

1. My birthday. It was awesome! Peter made me an archaeology-themed treasure hunt. He hid clues around the house and in my binder. Attached to the clues were the Indiana Jones movies 1 & 3 (I don't like the 2nd one, it scarred me for life as a child), tickets to see the fourth one (which we still haven't done), a dinner at an awesome Lebanese restaurant in Salt Lake (Cedars of Lebanon, it looks a little ghetto on the outside but the food is awesome!), and the last surprise was a night at the Egypt Room at the Anniversary Inn. It was pretty much the best birthday ever! The next morning, Peter realized the pants he brought to wear to work had a humongous hole in them, and so we went to the Gap and bought him a new outfit. It ended up being the exact same outfit one of the manikins was wearing, although we didn't do that intentionally.

2. My kegger! Since I turned 21, we decided to have a root beer kegger at Peter's grandparents' house. Their house is a lot nicer and their yard is a lot more spacious. We bought way too many mini-kegs of root beer, but we had a great time. The root beer we got was really different--it had things like licorice and cinnamon in it. I think I prefer regular root beer, but it was still a fun experience.

3. My garden! I dug up our backyard... we're in a rental and I didn't exactly ask permission, but it was a spot where grass wasn't really growing and it looked like it had been a garden before. Hopefully that's ok. I planted corn, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and bell peppers. I am way way excited for home-grown vegetables. They always taste so much better!

4. I am sick today. Lame. I have a fever and I was achey and tired most of the day. However, I eventually got the room warm enough so that I didn't feel cold anymore, and I am feeling better now than I did earlier.

So now we're all caught up, except for the pictures. Hopefully those will come later tonight.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moab and a Wedding

The past two weekends have been really busy and really fun! Two weekends ago we went camping in Moab and hiked around Arches. It was super pretty and really fun! Our campsite left something to be desired... plumbing... but it wasn't so bad. We also hiked in Negro Bill Canyon, which was everybody's favorite hike, it was mine anyway, because it was soooo pretty. We hiked next to a stream and there were trees and red rocks and it was awesome. If you're down there, you should go.

Here we are under the delicate arch.

This is an old Indian ladder that Peter (foot) and Lauren (head) climbed.

Negro Bill Canyon. Isn't it beautiful?

Last weekend my best friend (and Peter's cousin) Amy got married. We got to go to Portland and go to their sealing in the temple, and it was beautiful. It sprinkled a little while we were taking pictures, but other than that the weather was cooperative. The reception was fun, too. It reminded me of when we got married, only much less busy/stressful. I have definitely decided that getting married and being married are the happiest things in the whole world.