Monday, February 1, 2010

Application submitted

Yesterday, I finished writing my personal statements and began to submit my two applications. I applied to both the Anthropology Master's program and the Museum Certificate program, a sub-program within the anthropology department. My application to the master's program went smoothly, thankfully, because it was the more important one. However, when I tried to submit my certificate application the website wouldn't let me. It said I had to select an option for "department contact telephone number" when there was no option to select. I really didn't want to wait until the application deadline (today) to submit it, but BYU is unstaffed at 8PM on Sundays. This morning I called tech support, and they told me that "maybe" they could fix my problem today. I was excited when they emailed me a response after only 30 minutes, but unfortunately, they hadn't fixed my problem. They told me it was something the admissions department needed to fix. I called the admissions department, and they told me the lady who would be able to fix my problem was out of town until Wednesday. I started to think that maybe I wasn't going to get my application in after all, but then again, if I couldn't submit my application, neither could anybody else who wanted to apply for the program. Fortunately, my worries were for nothing. The option for a department contact telephone number was added to the website, and everybody else who is submitting their applications at 11:50 tonight will never know that they almost weren't able to.

Needless to say, I'm glad to have that out of the way.

Other news- I've been called as a primary teacher for the 9 year old class. I'm very excited about it. Apparently I have the best-behaved class in the Senior Primary. I also think it's fun that one of my students is named Bailee Fox (my cousin's name, but spelled differently). My cousin, my sister Anna, and another cousin named Katie are all 9 years old, so I think they picked a good age for me to teach. Somebody must know that 9-year-olds are special to me. :-)