Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sometimes, I wish I had a smart phone. My phone does take pictures, but it isn't very easy to share them. And I never think to go and grab our camera.  So, no pictures today, sorry. Maybe someday I will remember to take them, or even a video.

Lydia rolls over now, and sits up by herself all the time. She doesn't roll often, but she can. She also can eat solids, but has been in a phase of not wanting to eat anything, unless she puts it in her mouth herself. And the spoon causes tears too often for me to want her to play with liquidy foods that way.  So we've been having lots of tiny pieces of banana (that mostly get squished around the high chair tray) and some rice cracker things.  If anybody has suggestions for other non-choking baby foods that they can feed themselves, I'd love to hear them. Our pediatrician suggested getting her a mesh bag so she can gnaw on bigger things without the choking risk, and we'll probably get one soon.

Being a mom is the best job in the world- I love it! I am tired a lot, but it is so fun to spend time with Lydia and watch her learn and grow.