Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for a post

Seeing as how the month of November is more than halfway over, I thought it was time for an update. We are hoping to sign papers for our house on Monday or Tuesday of next week, and hoping to be able to move in on Saturday. We don't know for sure if either of those things will happen, but we seem to be almost done with our house-buying adventure!

This evening through a small miracle we were able to get most of our things packed. I was feeling really overwhelmed before, but now the moving part of buying a house feels a lot more manageable. :-) It is nice to have things out of the way, and to know that in our new house we will have more than enough space for everything that we own.

Last Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Harris side of the family because Peter's grandparents are going out of town for the real Thanksgiving. It worked out well for us because we are going to be out of town on the real Thanksgiving too, so we originally thought we would just miss out on it. And who could be oppposed to eating two delicious Thanksgiving dinners? I think they will be spaced just far enough apart so that we don't get tired of Thanksgiving foods.

There's your update!