Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Summer

Now that the summer is over and school has started again, here's what we did. We don't have any pictures (sorry) because we either forgot our camera, or we brought it and we didn't have a memory card, so it was useless. Oh well.

1. I got to participate in a dig at Fort Harmony that was a lot of fun. (Click on the link to read a news article and see pictures. I'm the one in the white hoodie looking away from the camera, and I'm not from SUU. Only one of the photos has people from SUU in it, even though 3 of them say that they do).

2. I went to Oregon for a week to visit my family, and mostly to visit my grandmother who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She's actually been doing really well, but in June we didn't know if she'd even live to the end of the summer. It was wonderful to spend time with her and with all the family.

3. Peter went whitewater rafting with the young men in our ward, and had a blast. And came back with knees so sunburned they could barely bend.

4. We were Ma and Pa of a family on our stake pioneer trek. We got to go to Martin's Cove in Wyoming and walk on the actual Oregon Trail/Mormon Trail. It was a fabulous experience, and we had the best kids in our family. No whiners, no accidents, and everybody was happy to be there. And it was really special to be learning about the pioneers, and see the actual places where the stories we heard had happened. Very cool. Martin's Cove is worth a visit if you happen to be in Wyoming.

5. Peter's youngest brother has moved in with us and is living with us and attending high school in Utah for the year. So we have a teenager before we have a baby, but that's okay. We're one week into the school year, and so far so good. We're happy to have him with us, and we'll see how things go.

6. My sister is a new freshman at BYU this year. My family was in town this past week moving her in and getting her settled. I'm really excited to have her out here and to get to see her more often.

7. Peter's sister gets married on Saturday. We have lots of visitors in town this week, and lots of wedding-related things to do. Congratulations to Elyse and Jordan!

So. Now you're caught up on everything you missed while I wasn't blogging this summer. Hopefully it won't be Christmas before my next post. :)