Friday, December 11, 2009

Happenings since we moved in

A couple of things I wanted to write about:

First, last Sunday we attempted to go to our new congregation for the first time. There were three different options: a 9 AM, an 11AM, and a 1PM. Being slightly lazy, we decided to try the 11AM and hope it was the right one. When we got there, I wondered why none of the women were sitting with their husbands, and why nobody had any kids. I thought there must be a lot of women with inactive husbands or something. Then, the person conducting the meeting stood up and welcomed us the the Young Single Adult Ward. Everything made since then, and we both thought it was really funny. We asked the ward clerk after the meeting which time we were supposed to come, and nobody could tell us. Fortunately, when we arrived home our real ward had left a flyer on our doorstep. It is the 9AM one, but they are switching to 1PM at the new year. I really wish we could have had 11, but oh well.

Second, earlier this week I arrived home and there were four (completely unexpected) enormous plastic bins sitting on our doorstep that had arrived in the mail. Since my mother-in-law has downsized to a smaller house and seems to be making a habit of vacationing over the holidays since she got remarried, she decided she didn't need her Christmas decorations and sent them all to us. I wasn't planning on decorating for Christmas this year at all, because we already have so much stuff to put away and organize, but her decorations made me happy. We aren't going to keep all of them, but I have put up some of the things that I like. They make it feel more like Christmas, and I am grateful for that.

Third, I started a new job today. Peter's family runs a skin care company called MiraCell, and they have hired me as an executive assistant. I can already tell it will be a much better job than my current job. It will actually require that I use my brain, and I might even learn some new skills while I'm at it. I'm pretty excited to have a job that won't be so monotonous. However, I will still be working for Trump University part-time in the evenings. We'll see how it goes!

Photos of the house

And please try to ignore the boxes/trash that appear in many of the photos. :-) We're still not done unpacking.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our new house

We have our house! We moved in the day before Thanksgiving, and then left for a long weekend in St. George, UT with some friends. It was really nice to have the break, but it was also a little bit overwhelming to come home to such a huge mess. We have spent as much time as we could since then unpacking, although we also had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning our old place and helping my father-in-law move, since he decided to move out when we did. My apologies that I have not taken pictures to post of our new house. Today is the first day where a few of the rooms actually look presentable enough to photograph, and I am too tired from unpacking all day long to take any right now.

Just wanted to let you know we are in the new house, and everything is going great! If you need our new address for any reason, leave me a message and I will email it to you. Pictures will be coming soon!