Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No more pictures!

Today I finished my project at the museum of photographing arrowheads! I have been taking pictures of things pretty consistently since August, with a couple of weeks in July too. There were over 1,000 pots and over 1,000 arrowheads that I took pictures of. Let me tell you, I am excited not to be hunched over the camera tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure what my next project will be, but keep your fingers crossed that it won't be taking pictures.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Vietnamese Sandwiches!

I love Vietnamese sandwiches. I used to eat them all the time when my family lived in Seattle, but when we moved to Oregon City there was a sad lack of places to buy them. So I had not eaten a Vietnamese sandwich for probably 4 years at least, UNTIL TODAY! There is a little restaurant in Provo that sells them, and they are very good! The restaurant is Dew, and it is in the basement of Campus Plaza, which is kind of a ghetto location, but still. You should check them out. Their bubble tea (which they call bubble drinks so that Provo people will buy them) is also good. Although I hadn't had bubble tea before today, so I can't really judge. Their website with their menu is http://www.dewprovo.com/ if you are curious.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

9/11 exhibit

For my Museums and Cultures class, I had to visit an exhibit of some kind and write a paper about it. I decided to visit the 9/11 exhibit that is currently at the BYU library, and will be there through Oct 3 if anybody is interested in looking at it. The exhibit has a wall with framed pictures of people who died in the attack, and their pictures are splattered with multicolored paint, sometimes covering most of the face. The main part of the exhibit is a metal frame with 3,000 tags, one for each person who died, and 2,000 of them have pictures and biographical clippings of the people who were killed. The tags are also splattered with the multicolored paint, so you often can't really read about the people who are on the tags. The purpose of the tags is for people, after looking at the exhibit, to write down what they think.

It was really interesting to go through the exhibit, especially because I had to write a paper about the experience so I was really paying attention. At first, when I was looking at the wall of framed pictures, I felt really sad for everybody who had died. When I was looking at the metal frame with tags on it, I shifted to thinking about the people who had written on the tags. Some people wrote messages to comfort people who would come (death is not the end, scriptures, those type of things), some people wrote political messages, patriotic, pro-war, anti-war, etc. A child drew a picture of a bird flying through the clouds, I liked that one. Some people wrote letters to the person whose biography was on the tag they chose. Some people just wrote what they were doing on September 11. Another big theme on the tags was "we will not forget."

So my question from the exhibit-- why do we do things like this? Why do we write messages for total strangers, and why do we read them? Maybe we write them more for ourselves? And why did the artist make a whole exhibit designed around this random sharing of feelings and thoughts?

I guess a blog is kind of like that, although I didn't think about it at first. I don't really think anybody I don't know reads this blog, although I guess they could if they wanted.

I did not write on one of the tags. I didn't have any thoughts I could have articulated, except maybe, "why?" But I think that would have been misunderstood.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hopefully last semester!

This semester is going to be really, really, really busy. We are both finishing up all of our required classes this term so that we can leave school if Peter gets a job that starts any time between December and April, but we aren't officially graduating until April. That is so that we can keep our jobs and our insurance, and potentially take classes if we'll be here longer. I like all of my classes, and I wish I only had one or two of them instead of 5. Plus writing my honors thesis. Plus working. Plus trying not to let my house be as gross as it has been. Plus pretending to have a life.

Not to complain. I know that everything will be fine and the semester will go very well. It's just a little intimidating at the start. I probably won't sleep as much as I want to this semester, but that will be okay too. Life is always good, and there are always things to be happy about. Even when you're really, really, really busy.