Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hopefully last semester!

This semester is going to be really, really, really busy. We are both finishing up all of our required classes this term so that we can leave school if Peter gets a job that starts any time between December and April, but we aren't officially graduating until April. That is so that we can keep our jobs and our insurance, and potentially take classes if we'll be here longer. I like all of my classes, and I wish I only had one or two of them instead of 5. Plus writing my honors thesis. Plus working. Plus trying not to let my house be as gross as it has been. Plus pretending to have a life.

Not to complain. I know that everything will be fine and the semester will go very well. It's just a little intimidating at the start. I probably won't sleep as much as I want to this semester, but that will be okay too. Life is always good, and there are always things to be happy about. Even when you're really, really, really busy.


Brie said...

Your semester sure sounds busy. It reminds me of the time that I took 21 credits AND was teaching at the MTC 24 hours a week. I managed to (barely) survive.
I decided to start blogging, too. If you have any spare time, you can check it out.
Good luck this semester!

Patrick & Adrienne said...

someone recently told me that being busy was better than not... and i'm thinking... sure, being busy is good... but is being THIS busy better than be able to sit down for five minutes? i think not! haha