Monday, June 30, 2008


Last week my mom and baby sister drove out from Oregon to take my sister Sara back to BYU. She decided to come back to school instead of staying home for the whole summer. It was a lot of fun to have them here, but definitely busy! On Tuesday, I spent pretty much the whole day with Anna and my mom. We went to the duck pond and fed the ducks, which was awesome. One mother duck had 15 ducklings!!! Most of the others had between 3 and 5. After that, we went to BYU's dinosaur museum. Anna was thrilled to see the Allosaurus, because she just did a report on them for school. We also went out to lunch and dinner and had a wonderful time. Pictures to come as soon as my mom emails them to me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Last night we went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove. We had a really good time! The last time I went to a rodeo I think I was in elementary or middle school, so it was a long time ago. There was lots of good country music, really yummy strawberries, and fun rodeo events to watch. My favorite was probably the "mutton bustin' ". They have little kids ride on sheep and try to stay on. It was super cute.

This is the four of us at the beginning of the rodeo.

Here is a man lassoing a little calf. I felt bad for the calves in this event--they are just thrown to the ground and tied up so they can't move. But I liked the picture.

This video is one of the bronco riders. That was my second favorite thing to watch. The bull riding probably could have been equally cool, if anybody could have stayed on. We only got to watch like 3 people on bulls. Oh well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

One month later...

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last blog post. I have been insanely busy. I took a really awesome class, linguistic anthropology, which required a recorded 107 hours of class work in order to get an A. I realized 2 weeks before the semester ended that I had less than 50 hours done. So I spent the last two weeks working a LOT on my class work. We'll see what grade I end up with; I did 98 or 99 hours of work, I can't remember anymore. It was an awesome class, just a little stressful at the end.

Last weekend, we flew to Syracuse, New York. Peter's mom is getting remarried, and we went to meet her fiance's side of the family at a big dinner thing. It was fun. We really liked her fiance's kids, who are our age or older (mostly older). We also went to Peter's sister's senior vocal recital. She has an amazing voice! I had never heard her sing before. Here's a video of her singing as Maria from West Side Story. I really think she would make a great pop singer, which this video doesn't really demonstrate. But anyways, she's awesome. The other video she doesn't sing in, but it's still pretty cool.