Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Passout Ceremony at the Saloon

Before we go to the saloon, an update. Peter was feeling really good the past couple of days, and then last night he started feeling really bad again. We're not quite sure why, but today he is feeling okay again. I am still fine, and still don't think I am likely to get typhoid. Thank you everyone for your prayers, and if you would continue to remember us we would really appreciate it.

About a month ago, we had a sales campaign at a local church, and Peter was given the invitation you see above. Because the text is kind of hard to read and for some reason it won't put it the right direction, here is what it says:

In the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful.
The above mentioned salloon wish to invite the company of Alhaji, Hajia, Mr. & Mrs. ............ to witness the passout ceremony,

On its surface, this invitation is very confusing. To be invited to a Muslim saloon is interesting, because good Muslims do not drink alcohol. To witness a passout ceremony at a Muslim saloon must be a very interesting ritual.

It turns out that a "passout ceremony" is a graduation ceremony. You "pass out" of your class. And our saloon is really just a salon.

Too bad.


Stuart Harris said...

It's good to hear that Peter is feeling better. The typhoid will be miserable, but should responde well to treatment. Find out what kind of malaria he has, as different kinds will behave differently. If you haven't already, get tested, Rachel. :)

wag said...

Well rats. I was hoping you'd blog about going to a saloon where you watched people drink until they passed out.

I am so disappointed.

Jenn said...

Yeah, that would have been interesting. It's funny how English translates sometimes, or rather gets confused. That's pretty funny. Glad to hear you guys are feeling better.

The Lewis Family said...

We miss you guys, but we're glad you guys are off having a great time of your lives. Glad all is well.