Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Update

Where has the time gone? I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.  Here's what's new with us-

We went to Oregon to be with my family before my sister leaves on her mission. It was a wonderful trip, and Lydia was awesome on the airplane.  I flew out with Peter and Sara, and thought I was going to fly home by myself. However, my former roommate's mom ended up being on my same flight, and she was a huge help. It was so nice to have somebody else to help with Lydia and all her belongings- traveling with a baby requires a lot of stuff!  Small miracles. :)

Lydia got sick for the first time. That was awful. She had a really bad cold, and we had to take her to the doctor to have her nose suctioned out with this little machine.  After we did that she could breathe and got better within a couple days. It was a pretty miserable week.

Lydia has been moved into her own room, and she is sleeping wonderfully. The first night was rough, but she has been getting used to it and hardly cries when we put her to sleep- sometimes not at all.

I have been working, slowly but surely, on my thesis. I neglected it over the Christmas break, but I am back on track.

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