Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We are expecting a baby girl! And we are really excited.

Prior to the ultrasound, we were both pretty convinced we were having a boy. Peter is the oldest son of the oldest son going back lots of generations, and we figured we would probably just continue the tradition. When they told us our baby was a girl, we were both surprised. But we are happy, and excited, and looking forward to meeting her in a few months.

Ultrasounds are really amazing. I didn't know how much detail we would get to see. I think it's incredible that we could look at her brain, and see the chambers of her heart, and everything. I have seen pictures from other peoples' ultrasounds, but it isn't the same as being there- you get to see a lot more than just what they print.

I can sometimes feel her wiggle around and kick me, and that is fun. She seems to like to move around when I am trying to fall asleep, which isn't quite so fun. I'm sure she's just practicing keeping us awake all night for after she is born.

Overall, things are going well here. The semester ends in 2 weeks, and things are pretty crazy until then. But I'm sure it will go by quickly, and everything will get done that needs to, and then it will be summer!


Sam Whitney Preslie said...

congratulations you guys! What fun news :) girls are so fun!

Jenn said...

Congrats, girls are fun! Now it will be easier picking out a name hopefully. So fun, we're so excited for you guys!

Christine-Chioma said...

YAY! Remember when we talked about baby names?

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

congratulations! i'm so excited for you!! we need to get together and do dinner again sometime. do you still live int he same place? ps - girls are the best! ;-)